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Okay here’s a real update. The journey feels like it’s finally beginning.

I did do a post on Wednesday, but honestly I just needed to calm down and take it easy on that day. What seemed to help was listening to Ryuichi Sakamoto’s ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence’. I actually listen to this song a lot, and it always seems fitting for what I want to write. I haven’t seen the film, and I wouldn’t have pictured war when I listen to this. Yet, for some reason, this song always reminds me of a characters development and struggle. But, best of all it calms me. (It’s on Spotify by the way, I like this version best.)

On Thursday, I did a lot of thinking, but not much actual work. Nonetheless, I decided that Vera is most likely a story about Faith. My music of choice for the day was Ghost, and Youth.

Now on to Today, where most of the interesting things actually happened. Although in the morning, I wasn’t feeling up to match, I still tried to make use of time with a little reading. At some point I got pumped up enough to work on the Beat Sheet Summary for Act One a little more, and brought it up to 3 pages with all the previous advice I was giving. I’m hoping it won’t go much longer than this, as 3 pages for the first act is quite a bit. I haven’t even done a script yet!

That being said, I went over my notes again and highlighted some important things. Like this quote from Save The Cat:

Liking the person we go on a journey is the most important elements in drawing us into the story.

I think this was my previous gripe with Vera. Despite the encouragement, I didn’t like it or her. I wanted this story to feel personal, but in it’s previous stage I didn’t feel much of anything. I realised, I don’t like Vera. I tried to make her flawed, and imperfect. Too harsh, too something. But I never made her relatable, and I think this is still something I need to work on. Vera just looked like a bad guy right off the bat. I hadn’t “humanised” her. This reminds me of something I said in my second post. That, the likable heroes are caricatures of ourselves, flawed and vulnerable and able to rise above it. Vera isn’t likable, in fact, she’s the kind of person I’d really want to punch in the face. What gives her the right to be an ass?

Needless to say, she needed to be, and still needs to be worked on. So, I set myself a few things I wanted to address in the story.

  1. Flesh out the relationships. If they don’t feel meaningful in the summary, they’ll barely be meaningful in the script.
  2. Increase the micro-conflict. A slow beginning is fine, but we need tension. Little drops of conflict that will lead to our downfall. Stories are all about conflict. Without any, no matter how small, there’s no reason to go forward.
  3. The world needs to be expanded on, the enemy isn’t too clear for the reader and quite frankly to me. I think that says more about me than it does this story.

Lastly, I have some notes I want to end on. By now you may have noticed a really ugly counter in the side bar. This is because I’ve given myself until the 14th to fill this beat sheet, even if it’s roughly. I can’t let myself get stuck polishing nothing, and I can’t let the down days hold me back. We’ve got places to be! It’s easy to lose faith when  your story sucks, but I think everything can be salvaged.

Also, I remember creek asked me what my inspirations are. I’m not sure I have too many I want to share for Vera, but my general inspirations are Howl’s Moving Castle, Treasure Planet, Dragon Age Inquisition, Saga, and Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. I’m not sure what this says about me, but I think these are all stories where the characters find themselves and shape their own paths in life.

Oh, and before I go. I’m totally looking for a few people to read the latest version of Act One’s Beat Sheet Summary. Let me know if you’re interested. ❤


6 Replies to “Opening Image”

  1. All caught up! Your writing style is very personable and down to earth – I’m fully immersed in your webcomic journey because of that. Plus you’ve mastered the art of blog post length and pacing – which is tough when you really wanna ramble about everything you’ve learned.
    You mentioned that your central protagonist is someone who’s reprehensible to an extent – there’s a great webcomic out there with a main character just like this. It’s called ‘Lighter Than Heir’ if you’ve heard it. The main character starts out as a self-centred, entitled brat and kind of still is, but the development she gets throughout the story is really well done. Worth checking out if you want to reverse engineer what makes her work (fyi it’s kinda long at around 600 pages)
    Give me a shout if you need any help with plotting/planning – it really does feel like a limbo at times, especially if you’re working toward a deadline.
    Good luck!


    1. Thanks RD!
      You say mastered, but honestly I’m pretty worried about every post I make. They always come out longer than I want them to be. ‘Lighter Than Heir’ sounds like a big reading to take on, but I’ll try and add it to my library!

      I’ll be following you on your comics journey too, don’t worry. You know where to reach me, if you want to talk about writing. 🙂 So I’ll extend the offer back to you.

      – Elm


      1. Anytime! Ha, that’s the life of a creative in a nutshell – always worrying about something or other. A friend gave me a real nitpick review when I tried my hand at blogging a while back and trust me my posts were long af. So believe me, you’re doing fine.

        Yeah don’t worry if you can’t read it all – it’s definitely not one to rush. Actually there’s another webcomic that’s only just started which has a similar protagonist. It’s hosted on comicfury – the same site as Vitreous – and it’s called ‘The Long Road: Memoir of an Asshole’. As you can guess, same sort of hard as nails, blunt protagonist but the first few pages endear you to her pretty quick. It’s very short for now so also worth a shot.

        Ah cheers dude, likewise don’t be a stranger. Just hit me up on Insta whenever you need some help.

        – rd_inks –


    1. It’s not too late, but I’m totally spending tomorrow writing up another version! So you may be better of waiting for the next ’round’.
      That is of course, if you don’t mind being spoiled by the addition of Act 2 and 3.


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