What’s In A Beat Sheet

Hey guys!

For those of you who have received a copy of my ‘Beat Sheet’, you’ll realise that it’s quite long. In fact, much longer than it needs to be! I do know however, some of you are interested in what a typical Beat Sheet might look like, so I’ve linked some breakdowns of existing Graphic Novel’s Beat Sheets, by Tim Stout.  Mind you, these are completely full of spoilers.

Amulet Book One

Amulet Book Two


Night Fisher

I personally went over these, before sending mine. I know mine is a lot longer and has some extra points, but it calmed me a bit knowing I didn’t have to have so much depth in the descriptions, and thought it might be useful to share. If you have looked at the beat sheet, I would totally prefer to hear back from you before August ends. I know the state of the story is a little embarrassing right now, but

“sucking is the first step being sorta good at something”.

Which is essentially the mantra I keep telling myself to stop me from burying into a hole.

So, what will I be doing?

Well, first of all, I will be critiquing myself too, but I will also be putting together some design moodboards for the feel of the world. (Alongside trying to finish off commissions.) Maybe even a couple of concepts.

See you later



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