Life Update #1


University is in full swing right now, which means the usual; Christmas is unlikely to happen. But nonetheless, I’m slacking on WordPress and must try harder with my updates. The blog is now white instead of the grey! It was getting a little depressing around here. A dark hole in the corner of the web.

A while ago, I showed my first Vera page thumbnails, and it was honestly a little nerve-wrecking. Of course, I’m going to completely redo them because that’s how these things work. Vera is everchanging, but again, for the best, so I hope.

After that, I ended up buying a domain name. I bought two infact! You can now find my tentative WIP portfolio site at and There’s not much comic work up, but it’s there.

I’ve set up a few e-mails for it aswell. and

I tried to rank on google, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. 😥 You can however, find me directly on google if you search ‘artofelm’ with no spaces. But not ‘Art Of Elm’. It’s not a big issue, but something I will need to address post-graduation.

Graduation! That’s a thing that’s happening (I hope). Still makes me uncomfortable that I’m already on my 3rd year. Nothing has changed other than being increasingly more jaded but fearful of the prospects of my future.

Nonetheless! I will need to adjust my online presence. I’ve changed most platforms to artofelm except for Instagram, which will be elmcomics for a little longer.

In addition to all of these administration related things, I’ve also been asking for a lot of criticism on my art. It seems the general consensus is that I need to focus on volume, form, posing and lighting in my work. So this christmas, I’ve made myself a big ol’ wishlist of things I will be needing to buy and read throughout the first half of 2018 to improve as an artist and make the Vera the best I can. You might be interested in taking a look, if you’re also looking to improve in those areas.

Speaking of Vera, I have a mailing list! I know you’ve probably followed this blog already, but I have a separate mailing list that I collected from mostly cons. Which I will be using only once closer to Vera’s release. I will most likely be doing a small limited print run – I don’t see myself printing Vera twice. So if anyone wants a copy, the mailing place is the best place to be to get first in line. 🙂

At this point you may even be wondering if Vera is happening. Trust me, it’s happening painfully. Part of my module is to create a production schedule, which means I’ve written down tasks for everyday until the 8th of June 2018. My schedule is full, so if you didn’t tell  me your birthday and it’s not in the schedule, well I’m afraid you’ll never see me again. I’m as good as dead.

I think that’s it. Oh, I’m also on Etsy now!  I’ll be putting up mostly original paintings and watercolour prints there, as something I do on the side. Maybe check it out sometimes.


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