Vera 2.0 – Taking what I’ve learnt

This just in. I may have just finished University. I’m not 100% until my dissertation grade comes back, but its as close to being certain as I can get. I just wanted to get that out the way. Temporary freedom is just around the corner. 

Which means I actually, technically finished Vera. Or at least, the version of the story I did during my time at University. It went okay and had inked pages and a cover… but there’s still more to do.  (In light of this, you may have noticed a new banner for the blog. A very Vera looking banner. Not sure if I’ll keep it, but it’s there for now. )

So what is the 2.0? Well honestly, I was a little tired out working on Vera. I personally, knew that it wasn’t all that great. It had many many obvious flaw, which I didn’t feel comfortable showing anyone. However, I was recently as London MCM comic con, and just having the cover and a few bookmarks of Vera generated some interest. Talking about the story got me excited again, not a whole lot, but enough to reconsider bringing it back.

I mean, visually, I liked the work enough to put it on my updated business card, but I’ll talk about the convention a little later.

Image may contain: phone

The main issue with the current version of Vera, is the pacing. It’s quite rushed! I think it creates a rather anxious and uncomfortable reading experience because of it. Vera in its current form is about 20 or so pages, but I think its a premise far more suited for something double that length.

But Elm, it took you like a billion years to have 20 barely done pages. 

Yes, true. But now I know a little bit more of what I’m doing, and how I’m doing it. And frankly, Vera deserves better, and so do you!

I shared, the current, embarrassing version of Vera with two others, and the response was a pleasant surprise. The flaws we’re obvious, but its quite clear that this isn’t a hopeless endeavour. So I’m considering this finished version of Vera, the first draft.

Seeing it this way, there’s already a million different, better ideas on how to execute and elaborate scenes better. I’m undecided if I’ll keep all the art, I’d like to, but I’d also like to be rather unapologetic on what’s best. Giving Vera a rewrite/editing session, no longer feels daunting but instead exciting! A few weeks ago, I did not feel that way about the flaws that it had, and I like to think to some extent. That’s a slither of creative growth showing.

P.S I do have some visuals of Vera, on my site at ! Although, all of that may change now.





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